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How to survive as a vegetarian in US

  • 255 days ago
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    1. Learn to cook - with a number of recipe books self-cooking is not a strenuous task anymore. You can choose to cook simple dishes that are less time consuming tasks, well all you have to do is get the right ingredients to add the best flavor. This will also help you eat without the fear of being served meat in the name of vegan food.

    2. Check before you dine out - If you have decided to head out for a quick snack, lunch or dinner, then it would be best if you do your home work to ensure you go to the right place. Have a quick online check of the restaurant menu you wish to dine at to check if they serve vegetarian food or not.

    3. Be polite and make a request - If you are at a restaurant and you are wondering on how to get vegetarian food out of a non-vegetarian menu, then you could politely request the server to make a dish out of the veggies excluding meat in them. I am sure you will be able to find something safe eating and not leave the restaurant being hungry.

    4. Ready to eat packaged food - In case you are just not able to find a restaurant that would serve vegan food around your place, then you could head out to a grocery store or a supermarket to grab some packaged food. You could conveniently cook something vegan on your own even if you do not have great cooking skills.

    5. Look for advice from travelers - Gathering information prior your travel will definitely help you plan your stay better. There are a number of travel sites that give you great advices on places to eat in the countries you are travelling to.

    6. Order as per your convenience - If you are not very confident of dining out at a restaurant, you could always order food home, from a place that offers vegan food. A veg pizza could be a great option when you are hungry and not willing to hunt for an eatery.

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