Return and Refund Policy

  • DRR will only be accepted within 7 days from Customer’s return date as per CRM, after that no DRR would be entrained
  • If incorrect Indian number mentioned in CRM for Welcome Call resulting the non-completion of welcome call shall not be eligible for refund or if activation comes after the customer has travelled
  • Its mandatory for the customer to report the issue and give the chance to customer care to resolve the issue, Customer or Sales should have the ticket number with them at the time of refund
  • Ticket should be registered on customer support.
  • If the cause of the issue is mobile handset which is owned by the customer, company would not be refunding those cases
  • If customer does not co-operate with support Team to get the issue resolved, no refund would be given
  • If, customer is not reachable on his Local Number/Email/Roam1 Number and neither the sales have alternate source of establishing the communication with user, no refund would be processed
  • Sales Team should take a Ticket Number while registering the complaint to support, and when processing the DRR shall mention the Ticket #.
  • If no activation/proper documents have been uploaded on CRM, incorrect travel date /return date on CRM is mentioned, no refund shall be given.
  • SIM should be back from customer
  • Sim card for which refund is claimed, need to be sent to Delhi Head Office.
  • Any Sim card which is converted into Micro/Nano by the /sales himself shall not be eligible for refund.
  • China SIM card/Hong Kong SIM card, should be collected from user for processing the refund to check the incoming calls and local calls if not available no refund would be approved
  • If user failed to utilize the talk time, neither refund nor any adjustment would be done.
    The aforesaid, terms and condition are applicable with immediate effect