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USA SIM Card in India

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USA International SIM Card

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The United States of America is the country of opportunities. But, not everyone get the opportunity to visit this SuperPower. After all, it is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Be it airfare, stay, food, commute or even roaming charges, the list of expenses are never-ending. While most of these expenses are unavoidable, one way to cut back on costs is buying our international travel USA sim card!

With unlimited Calls, SMS and Data, the USA sim card has made living in the United States easy and cost-effective. Be it a vacation to Disney World or being mesmerised by the Statue of Liberty, important meetings or job interviews, or simply attending a relatives wedding, our international sim card for USA lets you stay connected wherever you are, whenever you want; with no roaming charges! Too good to be true? There’s more!

We are offering discounts upto 30% on all our global sim cards making traveling to the USA more economical and practical. So, bid adieu to all those unbelievably high and expensive roaming charges and avail the best USA sim card in India that assures you utmost benefits with great reliability.

Moreover, if you love travelling and are planning to visit other countries, Roam 1 also provides international SIM cards for Europe and many other countries, and not just sim card for USA, So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and travel the world, without worrying about paying huge mobile bills.

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