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Although Qatar is steeped in tradition it is a world class country as well. On one hand you can enjoy the ancient pursuit of falconry, camel racing, and be amazed by the dhows, on the other hand you’ll be surprised to see that modernity has worked its charms on this delightful country. The capital Doha, which has hosted the Olympics in the past, will give you a bountiful taste of a rich life. Fill in your pockets, because you’re going to splurge. There are shops and malls, and food that you can indulge in, and experiences worth a lifetime.

A lot of time and effort is spent when you plan a trip abroad. There are additional expenses here and there which often make you wonder how you can save money while traveling. Roam1 has the perfect solution for you! Our Qatar roaming Sim card gets rid of costly ISD charges when you are trying to connect with your family and relatives.

We have affordable and attractive options available with us so that you can integrally handover to the better network according to the current situation.

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