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ROAM1 eSIMS to the future.

ROAM1 eSIMS is a smarter and more convenient way to stay connected. With the ROAM1 eSIMS you can activate the eSIMS from the country of your choice without needing a physical SIM card. ROAM1 eSIMS only works on unlocked eSIMS compatible devices as the SIM needs to be embedded in the device.

Roam1 eSIM Plans are available for there top destinations.

In addition to being used as a regular SIM, Roam1 eSIMs can be used in:

It's easy to activate to your Roam1 eSIM

When using an Roam1 eSIM you do not need a physical SIM card and you can start connecting by simply scanning a QR Code and entering Confirmation Code manually enter the details provided in the eSIM confirmation details.

How to Activate your Roam1 eSIM
Adding the Roam1 eSIM by scanning the QR Code
scan your esim qr code and enter the 4-digit confirmation code when prompted (if available).
Adding a Roam1 eSIM
if you experiencing issues scanning the qr code or receive the qr code on the device you are using, there is another option on your device that will allow you to enter details manually. you will be asked to enter;
confirmation code (if available)

All of these details are included in the eSIM confirmation details received after purchase.

**The eSIM for the next Generation of connected consumer Devices Simpler device setup without the need to insert or replace a SIM card.

eSIM Compatible Devices
    • iphone 11
    • Google Pixel 4
    • iphone 11 Pro
    • Nuu Mobile X5
    • iphone 11 Pro Max
    • ipad Air (3rd Generation)
    • iphone XS
    • ipad Pro (3rd Generation)
    • iphone XS Max
    • ipad Mini (5th Generation)
    • iphone XR
    • Gemini PDA
    • Google Pixel 3& 3XL